(Collection) IPFS Ecosystem

15 April 2020


  • IPFS and Ethereum platform with API and SDK
  • Runs an IPFS gateway https://ipfs.infura.io. But it doesn’t support IPNS (as of 12 April 2020)


  • IPFS platform with APIs and SDK
  • Provides IPFS pinning. Claims to be the cheapest
  • Public gateway at https://gateway.temporal.cloud
  • S3X services enables video streaming blog post


  • IPFS platform with some abstractions. Makes it easier to work with IPFS.
  • buckets - an S3 esq abstraction for managing uploaded object content. Includes pinning and versioned endpoints for access over HTTP.
  • threads - a MongoDB esq abstraction for structured data.


  • IPFS platform with API and toolkit
  • Provides an IPFS pinning service. You pay them to pin (store) your data


  • IPFS platform
  • Provides a pinning service

https://fleek.co previously terminal.co

  • platform for building web sites & apps on IPFS.


  • Currated set of IPFS related resources


  • Public IPFS Gateway
  • Supports TLS certs for custom domains. Useful when hosting sites on .dev TLD which is HTTPS only.


  • A Youtube clone. Video is stored on IPFS.


  • IPLD is the latest protocol for linking different hash based structures e.g. link a file IPFS to a commit in Git. Bitcoin and Ethereum also examples of hasg based structured currently supported. IPLD replaces the Merkel-DAG spec in IPFS.
  • IPLD Explorer in the browser

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