Hello World

28 March 2020

Update [15 April 2020]: I’ve not managed to get IPFS hosting to work reliably yet. Until I do, https://janaka.dev is hosted traditionally (web2). A mirror is hosted on IPFS (web3) at https://ipfs.janaka.dev.

This is my first post hosted on IPFS, the distributed Internet. How exciting!

I wanted an excuse to play with IPFS to learn and thought hosting a blog on IPFS would be a good little project. So over the weekend I had a little hack and here you are.

It also gave me an excuse to play with static site generators. I’ve picked Gatsby. I’m starting simple, using the Gatsby blog starter and markdown files.

In the future I might move the content to a headless CMS like Contentful or Prismic. Why? well not because I think I need anything fancier than MD files. I think a static site with a headless CMS is a strong architecture for a marketing website. Benefits on the technical site are very fast page load times, low hosting costs including maintenance, and static stability. If managing content at scale then content managers still get a powerful and friendly CMS. I’ve not tried Contentful or Prismic yet so that’s a bit of an assumption. Hence why I want to try the setup myself to get some idea how well it all could work.

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